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Monday, October 30, 2006

DOR - How far would you go for love?

I have always been a fan of Nagesh Kukunoor's style of cinema. He has beautiful style of telling simple yet thought provoking tales. DOR is next in the series.

Yesterday I watched DOR, and was really impressed by its simplicity yet delivering a strong message. Other than that movie was able to entertain us throughout with a feel good factor. Main theme of the movie is “believe” same as in Kukunoor’s earlier flick Iqbal.

DOR is a story of two protagonist, Zeenat (Gul) and Meera (Ayesha), from different geographical background, different religion, but has common link or 'dor'. Their husbands, Aamir and Shankar, work in Saudi and are room-mates. Shankar died in Saudi and Aamir is arrested for his murder. He is given death sentence and only way to save him, is if Shankar's widow, Meera pardons him. Zeenat, travels from Himachal to Rajasthan in search of Meera, with just a photograph of Shankar, with the help of ’beharupiya’ (Shreyas), to save her husband.

The film has touched very sensitive issues. The status of women in rural parts of the country. It shows the bad treatment given by the in-laws after the death of their husband.

But it also talks about the liberation of women; the confidence to do things on your own and I guess Gul has done it pretty well.

Gul Panag did a decent job and looked really good in the movie. Ayesha Takia is looking amazingly fresh in the movie. Yet she looked much matured, which totally stands out. But one person who actually steals the show is Shreyas Talpade, with his lighter scenes as ‘beharupiya’ in the erstwhile serious movie. The best part was when all the three main characters do ‘Kajrare’ in the beautiful Thar.

Cinematography is awe-inspiring. Locales of Rajasthan Desert and Himalyan mountains have been captured beautifully.

DOR is a beautiful and simple movie which leaves a lasting impact on viewer.

Basically, Nagesh Kukunoor simply rocks…


  • Although i havent seen the movie yet,but this beautifully written story line would definetely make me watch it soon....gr8 work..."The movie Freak" im looking foward to some more entries....its good..

    By Blogger somya, At 3:09 AM  

  • Main theme of the movie is “belief”.. that seems to summarize the whole theme of the movie (well said :)). Nagesh kukunoor rocks in making complex things look simple.

    and congrats for starting a blog.

    Good Luck!

    By Blogger nowork-allplay, At 12:55 AM  

  • I saw this movie and it is really a great movie and a good review from vaibhav too.
    before watching it i was thinking that it is feminist movie and i wont watch it, beacuse I dont like separation.
    but finally by chance i watched it and it is really nice and vaibhav should say thanks to me kyonki usne yeh movie meri wajah se hi dekhi hai..hai na vaibhav..?

    By Blogger yogesh, At 1:12 AM  

  • thanks yogesh for giving me the CD...

    and please dont use feminism as nowork-allplay will killl u;)

    By Blogger Movie Freak, At 1:15 AM  

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