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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Vivaah -- A big Letdown!!!

Wow, Barjatya's movie after so many years! I was hoping so much from the movie. After his last disaster, I thought he must have learnt from his mistakes. But I guess I was wrong. This is not the kind of movie which I expected.

Vivaah has no story!! You can't make a movie without a plot. And because they don’t have a story at all it runs at extremely slow pace. Movie is totally unrealistic in today's scenario. Their language and their emotions are totally unrealistic. Movie is about a small town girl who is engaged to a rich business tycoon's son settled in Delhi. It’s about their journey from engagement to marriage. Now in the end, when director didn't find a proper ending to the movie, he brings 1960's era twist wherein the heroine get burnt while saving her kid sister. And when the whole family thought that the boy and his family won't accept the bride, hero comes and marries her in the Burn Unit of Hospital.

The plot is too simple to be stretch for 2 .5 hour. Now in which part of India be it a small town, people speak such a shudh hindi (ya, the amrita Rao keeps on saying JAL, Vatavaran and Swasthya... in the movie).

Despite bad (or no) plot, music is good. If you like old melodies this movie has something to offer. Other than that acting by Amrita Rao and Shahid Kapoor is good enough. I really liked the chemistry between the two. But come on who behaves like them these days. With dialogues written in shudh hindi, you will feel like laughing in the romantic scenes. But they lack passion in their relationship.

Cinematography is also good, especially the beautiful background of Somsarovar.

Although movie is not bad and boring but you will feel like pulling your hair, after listening to dialogues and pace.

I was expecting much more from movie.


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    By Blogger nowork-allplay, At 12:56 AM  

  • yep - A big letdown.

    I guess newer generation would not relate to the story be it a small town lad or one from city. Script could have been better.

    and the preview and review of the movie don't seem close.. the promos gave a different impression of the movie and movie turned out something else...

    jal, vatavaran, vaayu... hahahaha

    and u came out with really a frank review... good one..

    By Blogger nowork-allplay, At 1:03 AM  

  • I am totally agree with Vaibhav.
    We all were expecting something good from this movie. I should say movie was good but the dialogues,ufffffff...
    mujhe suraj chacha ji se aise parichitra ke chayaankan ki apeksha nahi thi
    Acting was good and amrita & shahid showed very good chemistry between them.

    aasha karte hain ki barjatya ji isse kuch seekh lenge aur apni agli movie banane se pehle dialogue par jyada dhyan denge....

    By Blogger yogesh, At 1:07 AM  

  • thank u for giving a good review of the movie.i thought i will watch next week,anyways i got to know the story here itself from vaibhav.......

    good attempt to write such blogs on movies so that people like me can choose.........

    but still music seems to be good so i shall listen to it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:46 AM  

  • I havent yet seen the movie but with this review i wont also.. after a long era of cine generation, directors must attempt something new and worth watching films.

    I liked vaibhavs review on those dialogues
    I am sure u make a good critic on films.highlighting both good and bad aspects of the movie

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 2:10 AM  

  • The movie is not about what you see around while you r a bachelor...its about the purity in a relation,which you would like to feel when you find yourself commited to someone special....the expression of their ammiculate love is straight through the heart...the couple's emotions & feelings,in the courtship period is potrayed really well...their gestures & expression of ingenuous love is really moving.... if you want to get the real essence of the movie....go and feel the movie,not merely watch it.....

    By Blogger somya, At 3:15 AM  

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    By Blogger Movie Freak, At 4:35 AM  

  • Thank you ppl for posting ur comments...

    ya previews promised a lot....i guess they wrked more on ads than the actual movie:P

    i thot u liked the movie...thank you for comment


    Look it's my opinion...u might like the dont take my reviews as the final word...if u r interested then go n watch


    Thank You...i m really flattered by ur comments.

    now @somya

    I know its a great feelin watchin a love story and how their relationship builts. But u know instead of watchin movie based on preconceived storyline u shud allow the movie to make you feel such emotions. Well, acc. to me the movie fails to do so. Its good tht you liked the movie. :)
    Chill Maadi

    By Blogger Movie Freak, At 5:09 AM  

  • Although it was unrealistic for today's scenario but still you cant just shy from fact that even today for few people its inner beauty which matters more than virtual outer reality,which indeed die much quickly....its about giving ur unconditinal love....the girl coming to terrace was just a slight note to show that even she loves him madly,in her very own way....its about expressing love,not necessary always through spoken i believe "u say it best when u say nothin at all"...All what i can say is the Movie actually made me miss my someone special....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 5:26 AM  

  • If we say we should not only watch, but feel the movie. It’s very right to say and I believe the things should be in this way only. But unfortunately, the industry is not running in this way. If it is so, LAKSHYA would have been a blockbuster HIT, but it wasn’t. Why? Because movie is not about saying something, it’s about portraying it in the best possible way so that it is not looking the repetition of what the people have already seen in some other movie. And the other aspect is that if the movie is not containing enough entertainment stuff with it, it is going to be punished.
    We should not forget that it is also a money-making industry and people come to get entertained.
    The important thing is whether the message is getting conveyed in a proper way or not with some entertainment stuff attached with it. It’s good to work on such concepts, but if you are not able to relate it with the current generation and can’t put in the format where the life of this new generation fits, there is going to be disaster.
    Same happened with VIVAH........ As a whole, the couple represents a great relation between each other. Everybody dreams of having such a great life-partner. But only conceptual correctness and essence of feelings and love can’t run the movie, it has to have the unique way of representation.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:51 AM  

  • @anonymous3
    yes I was talking about that feeling only. Since, while watching the movie you could feel the emotions you liked it, which many people, like me failed to do so.

    Great comment...I totally agree with you that message should have been properly conveyed and should have entertaiment stuff. Which the movie actually lacked.

    By Blogger Movie Freak, At 10:03 PM  

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